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The Natural Language Processing Laboratory of Shahid Beheshti University was established in 2007 under the supervision of Dr. Mehrnoosh Shamsfard . The main activities of this laboratory are categorized in two areas of natural language processing with an emphasis on Persian language and ontology engineering. The members and colleagues of the laboratory are mostly students and graduates of the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science of the Shahid Beheshti University or students and graduate students in linguistics at the universities of Tehran, Shahid Beheshti and Allameh Tabatabaee who are involved in research projects with this laboratory. The lab currently has about 35 active members who are studying at Ph.D., Masters, or Bachelor's degrees or collaborating on outsourced projects.


Soroush Mobasheri

Meta Ontology


Zeinab Rahimi

Identification of knowledge is the basis of causation and oppositional textual implications

Hamze Motahari Khansari

Bidirectional Transformation between Metaphoric and Non-Metaphoric Text Using Ontology

Ali Akbar Ahmadi

Comment Generation Using Context Information in Social Media

Pegah Safari


Raziyeh Adelkhah


Seyyed Ehsan Mahmoudi


Hossein Roohizadeh

Word Sense Disambiguation Using Deep Learning

Niloofar Naderian


Rayehe Hosseini Pour

Similarity and semantic connectivity

Zahra Naderi

Command Interpretation and Execution In a Persian Task-based Dialogue System

Pouria Nikvand

Dialog type detection in customer relationship systems

Hojjat Tabkhi

Domain independent aspect based sentiment analysis in written Persian texts

Nahal Boromand

Giarism Detection Enhancement using Deep Neural Networks

Sokofe Soltani











Shahram Salami

Provide a statistical machine translation model based on a hierarchical alignment pattern

Samira Noferesti

Providing a model for analyzing sentimental aspects

Rana Forsati

Provides a template for semantic proposing systems

Arezo Hatefi

Forecast of the Iranian stock market using online text

Raziyeh Adelkhah

Resources and Expert Finding Using Ontology

Mehdi AhmadPour

Persian syntax analyzer using dependency relationships

Elham Fekri

Extract information from Wikipedia to use in a Q & A system in Persian

Fatemeh Shafaei

Persian automatic text summarizer system

Elmira Khodaei

Answering complex questions in the Linked Linked Q & A system

Pouria Saljoghi

Detect Persian phrases

Maryam HaghElahi

Semantic Search in Persian Documentation

Zahra Riyahi

Presentation of a method for the construction of semiautomatic fuzzy ontology

Fatemeh Mashhadi

Fraud detection in Persian text documents

Maryam MirAboulghasemi

Logical Intension in Persian Texts

Aynaze Taheri

Identity Identity Identification in Linked Data

Zeynab Jalili

Package Traveler System in Special Area

Amin Salehi

Provide a Label-Based Recommender System

Fatemeh Jafarnezhad

Extraction of semantic relations between verbs and its arguments from Persian texts

Zahra Farokhnezhad

Linguistics Conservatory

Rezvaneh Farzboud

A Combined Approach in the English Machine Translation to Farsi

Shabnam Mirsobhani

The study of semantic network is part of the vocabulary of Persian language with the aim of drawing and coding

Nasim Fakorniya

Studying the Position of the Structural-Semantic Level of Language in Computer Modes

Arash Chagheri

Identifying verbs in Persian language sentences

Batol Lakzaei

Ontology learning from structured and semi-structured resources

Nayereh Kermanshahi

Generate Response in Kiosk School Information

Hossein Abdolkarim

Question Analysis in Kiosk School Information

Ali Asghar Parsaei

Establishing an ontology of network security

Sepide Sharifi

Design of the test as a semicolon from the text

Zeynab Mazinani

Semantic clustering of Web users' sessions

Mostafa Khajemirzaei

Designing and implementing a task-oriented speech system in a particular application

Fatemeh Shafiei

Persian Automatic Digest System

Samira Khalili

Text-to-Picture Conversion Using Multimedia Multitask

Vahid Sadeghijo

Qualitative assessment of machine translation software

Somayeh Bagherbeygi

The creation of semicircular verdent verbs of Persian verses from other Persian syntactic categories

Fatemeh Khalghani

Labeling Concepts and Concepts

Nilofar Ranjbar

Semantic methods based on structure and context for the discovery of fraud in scientific papers

Elham Ravand

Answer questions about learning processes at the college information desk

Maryam Davoodi

Analyzing formal and interrogative questions in closed domain inquiry and response systems

Fatemeh Kazemeyni

Classification of Web page

Maryam Khordadi

Classification of Web page

Nasim Mafi

Ontology Mapping

Zohre Dehdari

Intelligence instructor system

Fatemeh Shakeri

Decision making system Sampling to detect network intrusion

Parisa Mosavi

Construction of an ontology in a particular territory

Arezo Neamatzadeh

Ratings of documents based on the rate of communication with the user's query

Sara Motiei

Ratings of documents based on the rate of communication with the user's query

Zahra Sarabi

Build a Q & A system in Farsi

Sepideh Rostampour

Compiling vocabulary for Persian language

Atiyeh Mirshahvalad

Syntactic Analysis of Persian Language

Mozhgan Pourhassan

Analysis of the structure of Persian language

Sholeh Forozan

Investigating and testing patterns of conceptual knowledge extraction from Persian texts

Zohre Karimi

Synopsis of Persian texts

Narges Fotohi

Artificial life

Fatemeh Eshragh

Build a Q & A system in Farsi

Sodeh Aghli

Modeling the Thermal Resistance of Bismuth Nanosystems by Data Mining Methods

Mahdiyeh Nouroziyan

Intelligent system memory design based on human memory model

Samaneh Zare

Representation of Persian language sentences to first order logic

Zahra Rajabi

Waleed sentences of natural language based on their logical representation

Zahra Ansari

Information extraction system from military news texts

Naghmeh Rahimpour

Information extraction system from military news texts

Hakimeh Fadaei

Natural language Learning

Golnaz Atabaki

Bilingual mapping of ontologies


Fatemeh Mashhadi



Elham Fekri



Hoda Sadat Mosavi



Hakime Fadaei



Mostafa Karimi Manesh


FarsNet , Persian Big Corpous , MAHTAB